Let’s dig into a couple of tips! Luckily, this will help you start practicing mindfulness: 


1. Take a few seconds to make yourself mindful of your breath.


Be mindful of how your breath flows in and out, how your stomach rises and falls with every breath you take.


2. Take note of everything you’re involved in. 

When you’re sitting, cooking, or resting, what do your senses — not your thoughts — tell you?


Note the one here and now. For starters, as you stretch, remember how the body responds with each movement. If you cook, concentrate on the flavor, color, and specifics of your meal.


3. When you’re moving anywhere, you need to concentrate on the here and now. 


Rather than causing the brain to wander through contemplation, get it back to the actual act of walking.


Pay less attention to where you’re headed and more of what you feel when you walk in, and how your feet look. It’s a good one to try on sand or turf.


4. At the time, you don’t need to do something. It’s all right … just live.


Live in the moment and enjoy it; it is all about the here and now.


5. When you find that you are going back to worrying, just concentrate once again on your breathing.


You should get your mind back to how the breath moves in and out of the mouth, and if you can feel the muscles relaxing when you do, that’s even better.


6. Understand that your thinking experiences are only thoughts.


They’re not really real, so they don’t need you to behave.


Mindfulness is just about being, and about being confident in acknowledging things about you as they are. That also happens internally — it’s part of understanding the mind.


7. Try to listen in an absolutely judgment-free way.


You may find that you are becoming more conscious of your own feelings and thoughts. Don’t criticize them; just accept them as well.


8. You may find that some of the events make you tune out. 

There are perfect opportunities for more awareness-raising.

The practice of mindfulness can be a versatile part of the day. You should exercise mindfulness while cycling, exercising, swimming, and brushing your teeth.


9. Taking time to admire nature.


Relax… the atmosphere will allow you to focus more quickly. Besides, living in nature has so many advantages of its own well-being!


10. Let yourself be mindful that your mind is going back to judgment. 


Note, this is just normal, and it doesn’t have to be part of your ‘self.’


Part of mindfulness meditation involves liberating the mind from such practices as judgment.


Such ideas can be found in their original form at HereToHelp. Would you have any tips on cultivating mindfulness? If that was the case, we would love to hear them.


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