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Stress. We all have it to some extent, but did you know there are foods you can eat that will bring your stress levels down? No, we aren’t talking about the temporary relief you might get from bingeing a tub of ice cream. There is actually a much healthier option, that is clinically proven to reduce stress levels. But first, a few words about stress.

As you’ve likely experienced, we live in a society that produces stress as a commodity. People are always told to work harder, faster, and longer, and the result is chronic stress. Stress manifests itself in our daily lives in a number of ways, including sleep issues, lowered energy levels, anxiety, muscle pain, and more. At times, it can seem like there is no solution.

We can try to manage our stress through meditation, medication, and mindfulness, but it’s hard to maintain stress management into our routine.

Changing behavior can be stressful in itself, but there is one thing that we all love to do – eat. By increasing our consumption of certain foods that have been proven to help us deal with stress, we can defeat the various symptoms that many of us struggle with. By unlocking superfoods’ potential, we can have far greater energy levels and feel like our old (or better) selves again.

Provide Your Body with the Right Fuel to Balance Your Stress

Science has proven that certain compounds can help revolutionize your nutrition. Foods that are centered around natural active plants, fiber and probiotics are the type of thing we need to be eating more than ever these days, yet we tend to ignore them and opt for simpler-seeming foods. In reality, plant-based superfoods are the simplest that you can find, and the nutrition that they offer cannot be replicated. The molecules in plant-based foods tend to our autonomic nervous systems in a way that empowers them and helps them reduce our stress levels. The quality of your life can go up by simply consuming more active plant-based foods and focusing on what goes into – and fuels – your body.

myAir foodtech uses research-based botanical extracts and plant molecules proven to reduce stress, which support the body’s natural ability to heal stress through the endocrine and autonomic nervous system.

Let’s Get Personalized

Everyone handles stress in different ways, meaning you might need different foods in order to combat it. The super plants bars myAir develops is specifically designed to address the problems you need help with. Rather than just guessing, we use technology, andbig data to tap into the potential of this modern era of personalized fitness.

Luckily, you don’t have to take on this new food journey by yourself. myAir is a company with a revolutionarily simple idea: we use technology to empower you to lower your stress levels. We understand that everyone requires their personalized health model, which can be achieved using a unique algorithm.

Imagine, once a month you get a box to your doorstep.In this box, you’ll find a set of tasty and healthy nutrition bars made with a mixture of plant-based molecules, active adaptogens and super herbs.

Those nutrition bars are proven to reduce stress and tailored to your specific stress profile and levels.

By analyzing a questionnaire that you fill out and learning what you need, we create a personalized set of nutritious snacks delivered to you monthly. In short, we use data to make sure that you get the right food for you.

To get started on your path to stress reduction, take our quick test to find out how stress affects you, and get your personally-recommended super plant nutrition bars.


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