The surprising side effect of stress


Beyond that headache and the classic racing heart and strained muscles, stress can cause some lesser-known, even peculiar symptoms.


Hair loss and prematurely graying hair

Stress can cause a temporary condition called telogen effluvium, which stops hair follicles from growing. This can lead to hair strands fall out more easily over time.

Chronic stress can also cause people to lose pigment in their hair, resulting in premature graying.


Increased sensitivity to pain

It’s well known that stress can cause physical tension, leading to painful headaches and neck and back pain. But stress can also affect how people experience pain, often causing an exaggerated response to an otherwise minor stimulus. 


Reduced fertility

 Stress can impact fertility in both men and women. It can disrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle, resulting in decreased ovulation and irregularity. In men, prolonged emotional stress is associated with a lower sperm count, and the sperm that is produced moves less effectively, which can make conception difficult.


Hot flashes

Chronic stress can cause people to sweat more in general, and for menopausal women, stress can lead to more severe hot flashes.

A lump in the throat

People who are stressed sometimes feel like they can’t swallow due to a sensation of a “lump” in their throats, but physically, there’s nothing actually there. The muscles in the lower part of the throat constrict under anxiety, creating a sensation that you can’t swallow. 


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