Be mindful of persuasive mindfulness problems.

Mindfulness meditation has become increasingly common in the past decade or so, taking our culture by storm. It is everywhere! It’s taught in pre-, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, health centers, fitness spas, posh hotels, most corporations, and just about every organization you can call.

Although awareness is a meditative and contemplative process we endorse and have even performed and published studies on, there are few critical issues with the awareness craze. Here are the top things we find most convincing.


Mindfulness is overvalued


Mindfulness is a great meditative activity that has some scientific evidence showing that it can be beneficial for many things such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, PTSD, concentration disorders, dealing with medical conditions, and so on. This is not a panacea for everything, though.

Organizations that promote their employee knowledge to help them handle their job stress and maintain work-life do not automatically do anything to increase their living wages, retirement pensions, etc. Perhaps they believe they would worry less about their working conditions if their workers are more aware of it.


Misuse of the term mindfulness

Many individuals are encouraging mindfulness as a form of self-compassion. Self-kindness is incredible, but seldom does it apply to kindness and altruistic behavior towards others.

Besides, other individuals have made careers in mindfulness promotion in science, teaching, coaching, and serving as gurus.

Mindfulness is helpful for some problems, but not all. It is neither exceptional nor mystical. 


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