Strengths and Weaknesses of Personalised Nutrition


  • Multiple experiments show that personalization results in a better diet than standardized methods. Personalization may promote continuous behavioral improvement. 
  • The personal nutrition method represents the increase of personalized or specific medicine that can lead to medical advances that support a tailored diet and public health.
  • The interindividual variation of dietary responses is a real phenomenon.
  • The customized eating approach reflects the advent of specialized medicines that benefit scientists. Interindividual variability in dietary stimulus-response is a real phenomenon.



  • Scientific support for personalized nutrition is mainly focused on qualitative research of limited reproducibility.
  • The scientific rationale for personalized nutrition is still being researched.
  • Due to its innovative and personalized manner, it is impossible to conduct randomized clinical trials 
  • Some commercial offerings in the personalized nutrition field are focused on uncontrolled direct user testing.



  • Personalized nutrition is in its primal phase and continues to improve
  • Purchase dietary supplements according to controlled testings and scientific research
  • Scientific understanding of ingredients and the physiological effect and condition on your body is a must

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