This stress, anxiety, and fear relaxing breathing practice takes just a few minutes and is available everywhere.


  • You get the most out of your everyday life if you do it consistently.
  • You should do it, sit on a backrest chair, or lay on a bed or yoga mat on the floor.
  • Stay as relaxed as possible. 
  • If it is necessary, loosen clothes that obstruct respiration.
  • Place your arms a little far from the ends, with palms out, if you lie down. 
  • Enable your legs or ankles to be straight so that your feet are on the floor level.
  • Place your arms on the chair arms while you’re seated.
  • Place your feet flat on the ground while you’re sitting or standing. 
  • Place your feet roughly hip-broad in whatever position you are in.
  • Let the breath float deeper into the belly without pressing it into comfort.



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