The odor of the monoterpene Terpinolene is classified as terpy, pine, and lemon-like. Other than its medicinal use, it’s used in the plastic and resin production and is characterized by its light amber color. Moreover, Terpinolene can be found in some cannabis phenotypes at above 20% from total terpene content or not exist at all. When inhaled, it may have sedative properties.

Found in Lime

Medicinal qualities:


The sedative effect of inhaled terpinolene in mice and its structure-activity relationships:

Ito, K., Ito, M. (2013)


Anti-inflammatory and Antinociceptive

Association of terpinolene and diclofenac presents antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory synergistic effects in a model of chronic inflammation.


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Anti Inflammatory and wound healing

Wound healing activity of terpinolene and α-phellandrene by attenuating inflammation and oxidative stress in vitro.

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